Journals Guidelines

Journals Guidelines

Author Guidelines - Journals

We suggest authors to read the below guidelines for manuscript preparation. The document which contains manuscript should be in a single Microsoft Word file (Doc, Docx). You should maintain manuscript with double-spaces between the lines. All the Tables & Figures, References related to that particular document need to be numbered in a sequence & provide in a single word file.

JENPUB Publications is an international publishing group which includes all medicine, science & technology related journals. JENPUB is an open access publishing group, all the content of the journals is available freely to the users or education institutions. All users are allowed to read, copy, download, & print the content of the articles from a particular journal without asking any prior permission from the publisher.

Regarding Review process all the submissions will undergo a meaningful scrutiny & review by eminent experts in the field. Editing & publication of the manuscript will in high standards. If the content of the manuscript is plagiarized or duplicated are directly rejected. Our publishing group will accept all original Research, Review, Short/Perspective communications, Case reports/studies, Clinical Images & Editorial.

Basic requirements for Manuscripts:

Manuscript Type Word Limit Format of Manuscript Page/Figures/Tables/References Limit
Original Research 5000 Title, Author(s) details, Corresponding details, Abstract, Keywords, Abbreviations, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References No Limit
Review Manuscript 4000 Title, Author(s) details, Corresponding details, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Conclusion, References No Limit
Short & Rapid Communication 2000 Title, Author(s) details, Corresponding details, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Conclusion, References No Limit
Case Report 1500 Title, Author(s) details, Corresponding details, Abstract, Keywords, Case Presentation, References No Limit
Clinical Image 200 Title, Author(s) details, Corresponding details, Text Description, References 2-3 Images
Editorial 1500 Title, Author(s) details, Corresponding details, Text Description, References Not Applicable

Cover Letter:

Along with each manuscript submission provide a draft with 500 words or less cover letter stating the significance of the research work, a declaration about conflict of interest, manuscript supporting figures, tables, supplementary information if anything is present & also confirmation regarding the manuscript that the content has not been submitted or published elsewhere.

About Manuscript Preparation:

All the content of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman 10, Highlight or Bold the Headings, subheadings, sub-sub headings, include the following information.

Title of the Manuscript

Author details

1 Corresponding author Details* Name, Department/Division, University, City, Country, Contact Information
2 Authors Details

  • Abstract: Abstract is a sketchy summary of the scientific content of the manuscript. The abstract should be short with a brief overview of the topic, it should be less than 300 words, & free from citations.
  • Keywords: At least 4-5 keywords must include in the manuscript. Keyword increases the chance of getting more citations to your manuscript. Eg: Keyword 1; keyword 2; Keyword 3; Keyword 4; Keyword 5.
  • Abbreviations: Abbreviations are not compulsory; If Abbreviations are mentioned in the content of the manuscript & then please mention all those abbreviations here.
    Eg - Abb1: Abbreviation 1; Abb2: Abbreviation 2; Abb3: Abbreviation 3.
  • Introduction: A brief introduction about the purpose, material & methods & the objective of the manuscript. Should specify the highlights of the study.
  • Material & Methods: Clearly state the materials & methods which are used in the research that supports the particular manuscript.
  • Results & Discussion: In this section, explanation related to the experiments, methods & statistical analysis involved in the manuscript preparation work.
  • Acknowledgement & Declarations: In this Section, an author can mention the individual contribution of people who provided technical assistance to the particular work. Should mention conflict of interest also, if any supplementary information is available regarding this manuscript, send it as an attachment along with the manuscript.
  • References: The references should be numbered in the order as mentioned in the text. In the text of the document, plus the number of references in square brackets. Eg: [1], [1,5], [1-3,5] etc.
  • Format of the References:
    Author name must be followed by their initials. If there are more than 6 author names in a reference, the abbreviation et al is used after first 6 author names, followed by the title of the paper, then the title of journal name (abbreviation of journal name), the year in which it was published, Volume no & page no first & last page. Punctuations need to carefully mention.

If the reference with less than 6 authors:
Eg: Becker WM, Jappe U. Peanut allergens. Chem Immunol Allergy. 2014; 100: 256-267.

If the reference with more than 6 authors:
Eg: Koppelman SJ, Knol EF, Vlooswijk RA, Wensing M, Knulst AC, Hefle SL, et al. Peanut allergen Ara h 3: isolation from peanuts & biochemical characterization. Allergy. 2003; 58: 1144-1151.

If the reference is book reference:
Eg: Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 5th edn. Washington DC: American Psychiatric Association. 2013.

If the reference is book Chapter:
Eg: Fruton JS. Pepsin. In: The Enzymes. New York: Academic Press, INC. 1971; 138.

If the reference is Conference:
Eg: Moore L, Wagner P, Jeffrey H. Addiction programming model at its best. Paper presented at the 10th annual conference of the Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association, Asheville, NC. 2009.

Tables & Figures:
Mention legends of figures & tables at one place in the manuscript. Figures should be in JPEG /JPG, PNG format with high resolution. If any reference is taken for that particular table or figure mention the reference at the end of the legend. Eg: Figure 1: Legend of Figure 1.

With references
Eg: Figure 1: Legend of Figure 1 [2, 5-7].

Table format should be:
Table 1: Legend of table 1 [2,5].

Heading/subheading Heading/subheading Heading/subheading
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3